Cisco has released IOS XE 3.3.0SE on 7th October for 3850 & 5760 Platforms. What’s new in this version ? There are lots of major enhancement & new features. Support for 802.11ac , mDNS (bonjour service) & AVC are the major enhancement as far as I can see.

Here are the main highlights of this new release & you can refer to full feature list in this release note.

1. Support for 802.11ac module—The 802.11ac radio module (for 3602 AP), which is based on the IEEE 802.11ac Wave 1 standard, is available on the Cisco lightweight access points.

The 802.11ac module provides enterprise-class reliability and wired-network-like performance. The 802.11ac module supports three spatial streams and 80 MHz-wide channels for a maximum data rate of 1.3 Gbps. The 802.11ac standard is a 5-GHz-only technology, which is faster and a more scalable version of the 802.11n standard.

2. Application Visibility (AV)—Classifies applications using deep packet inspection techniques with the Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR2) engine and provides application-level visibility into Wi-Fi networks.

3. Nine-member stacks—Up to nine switches can participate in a switch stack. All switches must be running the same feature set. Previous versions allow only upto 6 members in a swtich stack.

4. Service Discovery Gateway feature (mDNS)—Enables multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) to operate across Layer 3 boundaries by filtering, caching, and redistributing services from one Layer 3 domain to another. This feature enhances Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

5. Wireshark—A packet analyzer program that supports multiple protocols and presents information in a text-based user interface.

There are no new addition to the AP models supported by this image and list is same as the previous version. The new 3700 series AP is not supported in this release.(you require AireOS 7.6 for with legacy controller like 5508, 2504 or WiSM2 to support 3700 AP model).

IOS-XE3.3-01Here is the software compatibility matrix with this new software code.

IOS-XE3.3-02It is time to upgrade my 3850 & 5760 & play with this enhanced features.

Update @ 25th Feb 2014

Cisco has released IOS-XE 3.3.1 to support new 3700 series AP which is the first in-built 802.11ac cisco AP.  Still that code did not support “Z” regulatory domain which is new for AU & NZ.

Few days back Cisco released IOS-XE 3.3.2 which is supporting this new “Z” regulatory domain & fixed many other bugs in previous releases. here is the release note of this latest code

1. 3850-IOS XE 3.3.2 Release Notes2. 5760-IOS XE 3.3.2 Release Notes