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For the first time I am going to be at CiscoLive US in June (thanks to CSC Designated VIP program for full conference pass). I am really excited to see many of my friends  who know me through my blog but haven’t seen each other in person.

Still when CiscoLive is in my town (Melbourne) I can’t resist not to be there. So I have spent 3 days at CLMEL this year.  Technology perspective Intent based networking is the theme & recently announced DNA-Center is the product highlight. Read this e-book if you would like to learn more about it.

I have been to Enterprise Network Innovation Day on first day. Next two days I have spend time in WoS and other activities given in the below.

Here are highlights of my CLMEL event.

  • Wireless Professional Meet up
    On Tuesday we had a gathering of wireless professional who came to CLMEL. Even though many of us known to each other, most of them haven’t met in person. So it was a wonderful opportunity to meet & greet & know each other. Special thanks to Haydn for organizing it & thanks for everyone came to the event. If you are in Wireless field in AU/NZ, I am sure you may know few of them already.


Here I am with some of them at Ekahau booth.


  • Cisco Support Community VIP dinner
    Some of you may already be aware, that I have been selected (for the 5th time) as Cisco Support Community VIP member for 2018. Free full pass to CiscoLive event is one key benefit of that program ,hence I am coming to CLUS  🙂
    During CLMEL, there was a dinner organized by CSC program manager, Monica. Like last time it was hosted by Joe Clarke & 5 VIP members were there. It was a great time to meet fellow VIPs and CSC program team members of Cisco.

Me, Leo Laohoo, Wayne De Nardi , Joe Clarke-CSC Hall of Fame, Philip D’Ath & Dennis Mink

  • Cisco Champions Activities
    There were special activities ( WoS tour, DevNet tour, Front Row seating for key notes,etc). If you are active on social media & willing to share insight of cisco products you can be a Cisco Champion too. Here is one photo taken during DevNet tour (Special thanks to be given Silvia, Scott Lee & Peter Jones for facilitating it throughout the event)


  • Meet the Expert
    This is one of the key reason why I am going to Ciscolive, this year too I had privilege to meet some of the smart people who is happy to share their insight. Some of those moment captured as well 🙂

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  • Networking with Peers & meet new faces
    CLMEL become an event that I met few friends every year. I think I have met Bai Qing, Leo, Surendra in  all of CLMEL events in recent past.

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    Every year I met few new faces too. Some of them are really special. They appreciated  (beyond my expectation) my efforts of sharing knowledge through my blog & created a really joyful moments out of sudden. David Sudjiman & Dads Dizon are two of them that I met during CLMEL 2018. I hope you will follow the same path and extend your help to many others (If you want to be happy like me, that’s the way)

I met few of my fellow Sri Lankan CCIEs in this year CCIE party. In fact this is the largest group of fellow SL CCIEs I met during a Ciscolive event.

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  • New Training Opportunities
    During the event I had opportunity to meet with few individuals who are interested in wireless training opportunities. As a Cisco Learning Specialized Partner we (WiFiTraining.com) are excited to be offering the full lineup of Cisco courses in Australia, so keep an eye out for our Cisco training schedule here and put your Cisco Learning credits to good use.We also CWNP Authorized Training Partner & going to offer vendor neutral training in wireless technology. To begin with we will be offering a CWNA class in April in Melbourne. (if anyone interested please find the information in given URL)

    Some of you got WiFiTraining swag during CLMEL and I hope you like it


Looking forward to CLUS event & catch up with you 🙂

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