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I will be doing a Webinar on WiFi Security – WPA3 on Feb 3rd at 1:00PM-2:30PM CST (US-Central time). If you like to get refresh your WiFi security knowledge, please come & join me in this webinar. You can register for the event using this link.

Here is the high-level agenda of this webinar. I will cover the basics & WPA2 before heading into WPA3 which is developed to enhance security beyond WPA2.

Please come & join us. In case you cannot make it due to time zone differences, we will publish a recorded version, so you can watch it later (still required to register, where you will get a link to our LMS to access it)

Update 5th Feb 2022
Here is the link to access the recorded session. Choose the option “Enroll for Free“. You can also download all the PCAPs used for this presentation from here. Enjoy the learning and upskill your WiFi security knowledge.