Are you excited to be there in person for your favorite WiFi conference? If so, you have an opportunity to meet most of us in the WiFi community to learn from them and also share your knowledge with them during the WLPC (Europe – Prague) event from Oct 9-14.

Registration will be open at 8AM CEST on 15th Aug (When you are reading this post, you should be able to register for the event). Please go ahead and secure your place at this awesome event (the registration link is here). Like any other WLPC event, you have two choices. If you are willing to learn from 3-day boot camps prior to the main conference, you can register for the “boot camps + conference” option. Otherwise for a 3-day conference which includes learning from “Deep Dives” & tech talks of different lengths (55min,30min & 10min ).

  1. Boot camps [Oct 9-11]
  2. Main conference [Oct 12-14]

We (WiFiTraining) have listed two boot camps for the event and I will be teaching “Rockstar Wireless Analysis” boot camp whereas Chris will teaching “Rockstar 9800

During my “Rockstar Wireless Analysis” class I will cover the following topics. Since it is an instructor-led version, we will be doing more lab exercises (including challenge tasks on the last day). In that way, even if you got my class access via our digital platform, you will have an enhanced learning experience in this format. Looking forward to seeing you there.

*** Update 18-Aug-2022 ***
If you are still considering attending the event & boot camps, register earliest possible. There is a minimum number required for the boot camps to go ahead & appreciate it if you register within this week so organizers get a clear idea.

Initial capacity for the conference has sold out within 24hrs and now they have added extra capacity, pls go ahead with registration before that sold out. The registration link is here


Module 1: Capturing WiFi
L1.0 – PCAP Basics
L1.1 – Capture with Mac
L1.2 – Capture with Linux
L1.3 – Capture with Sniffer mode AP
L1.4 – Capture with Omnipeek
L1.5 – Capture with Cisco DNAC
L1.6 – Other capture tools
L1.7 – Wireshark Basics

Module 2: WiFi MAC Analysis
L2.0 – WiFi Operation
L2.1 – MAC Header
L2.2 – Management Frames
L2.3 – Control Frames
L2.4 – Data Frames
L2.5 – Frame Aggregation
L2.6 – HT Operation
L2.7 – VHT Operation
L2.8 – HE Operation

Module 3: WiFi Security Analysis
L3.0 – WiFi Security Overview
L3.1 – 4way Handshake
L3.2 – WPA2-Personal
L3.3 – WPA2-Enterprise
L3.4 – WPA3-Personal
L3.5 – WPA3-Enterprise
L3.6 – Enhanced Open

Module 4: WiFi Roaming Analysis
L4.0 – Roaming Overview
L4.1 – Key Caching
L4.2 – Fast BSS Transition – Intro
L4.3 – FT over-the-Air
L4.4 – FT over-the-DS
L4.5 – Roaming with 802.11k
L4.6 – Roaming with 802.11v

Module 5: WiFi QoS Analysis
L5.0 – QoS Overview
L5.1 – CSMA/CA
L5.2 – EDCA
L5.3 – QoS Mapping

Module 6: WiFi PHY Analysis
L6.1 – PHY Intro
L6.3 – HT PHY
L6.4 – VHT PHY
L6.5 – HE PHY