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As I blogged earlier, there are no online racks available  yet   for CCIEW-v2.0 blueprint (except fastlane racks for $196/day, which is beyond  my affordable limit).

So I have set up my home lab to practice the technology as much as I can. I have been fortunate finding these equipment within my current company. We have recently replaced our 44xx/21xx controller with 5508s & therefore I have  3 WLCs(two 44xx & 1 2106) in my home lab (though it is not 5508 I can still run the version of codes in the blue print). Also got 2x1310G, 2x 1252, 1x 1142 & 1×3502 Access Points. Two 3750 switches (one with PoE) & 2960 (PoE) are acting as the core wired network  infrastructure of my lab. Also I found Cyclades ACS terminal server which I can use to console in to each devices without much of trouble . This also help to open up multiple console sessions at the same time.(had to order some RJ45-RJ45 rollover cables from ebay to use this properly)

Dell Optiplex 760 (with 6 GB RAM) has been used as VM for hosting WCS, ACS, AD & DHCP. Being in a University environment I got the privilege to download Microsoft server 2008 R2 for my study purposes  for free.(If you are student or staff with an email address provided by them you would be able to download latest software from Microsoft for learning purposes).  You can get the details from the below URL.


ACS 5.2 & WCS  are running on the evaluation version (normally 90 days for ACS & 30 days for WCS)

As I am planning to use IPExpert & Fastlane training materials try to follow their lab topology diagram (here is fastlane topology diagram FL-CCIEW-Topology). My rack is very close to IPexpert Topology ( you can see my lab Network diagram here MRN-CCIEW-HomeLab-v2.0). So here how it looks like.

At this stage I have not configured CME (C3725) stuff as I am not yet ready to go for Voice over wireless topics.