Yes, it is coming…… CCIE Wireless version 3.0

During CiscoLive-Melbourne event I got opportunity to talk to few Cisco guys about next version of CCIE wireless exam. Based on those informal discussion, we can expect next version of the CCIE Wireless lab exam blue print may release within this year (Nov-Dec time frame). This is inline with normal 3 year life cycle for a given CCIE lab exam version & Q2-Q3 2014 may be the last time we can take v2.0 exam (as CCIEW v2.0 lab exam starts from Nov 2011 onwards) .

What would be there in v3.0 exam ? Even though there are no official answer to this yet we could guess what is coming. “Converged Access” is key topic in this year’s Cisco Live event & I would think following will be definite additions to v3.0

1. Cisco 3850 & 5760 Controller
2. Cisco ISE
3. Cisco Prime 2.x
4. IOS based Controller software 8.x
5. 3600 AP

What does this mean to us who are studying for v2.0 exam. If you are already studying now target to get it done within next 12-18 months. As you know average person will go for this tough task 3-4 times you have to plan this now. This will give you a good chance to clear the CCIE Wireless exam without worried about learning v3.0 stuff.

Even if you start now, this is good enough time frame to clear this exam. But you have to have absolute dedication to clear this within time period like this.If you are thinking to start your studies towards end of this year, then I would suggest plan for v3.0 straight away.

Again finding training material will be really hard for this new version. Usually vendors will take 6-12 months preparing material for next version of CCIE wireless lab exam from the day Cisco officially announce this.