Today is a special day for this blog, where stats count reached over 1 million. It took just little over 3 years to get there since it started in April 2012. In this post I look back and go through what’s behind this success.

Here is daily stats for past 30 days.

1Mn-00Here is the stats on monthly basis.

1Mn-04Here is the stats where users came from. As you can see two-third of hits came from top 10 countries leading by US contributing to 30% of total traffic.

1Mn-02Here is some interesting stats on how long it took to reach 1 million views. It only got 20k (2%) traffic in first 12 months where as ~700k (70%) traffic came during past 12 months.

1Mn-05Here is the list of most popular post in my blog. I have done almost 320 posts over past 3 years and some post get popular while others are not. AP conversion (Lightweight <-> Autonomous) related posts leading the way. Some of the recent posts like “What’s ne in WLC 8.0” and “How to go there PI 2.2” got some attractions & came to top 10 list.

1Mn-01There are 508 subscribers to this blog and here are first followers of my blog. (thanks for being long time subscribers)

1Mn-06Now let’s go through what is secret behind success of this blog.

Whatever I do, I always look for 10 qualities to improve. My blog became a platform to practice those qualities and that become one of the main reason why this blog keep going.

1. Generosity
Though I started this blog as study notes for my CCIE Wireless exam, quickly I realized it is not only for me,many others can get benefits. Since then I spent lots of hours on blogging primarily to benefit the others. Even after completed my CCIEW lab exam, I  kept this blog running as it benefits broader wireless community. As you know I am not expecting anything from you for sharing my knowledge. (so if you give some thing give it 100% not expecting anything in return)

2. Integrity (Morality)
If you follow my blog for some time, you may already note that I am trying to be ethical all the time. If I got any references, I disclosed them within those posts. I always wrote those post independently & no commercial gain received from any of those.

3. Right Intention
I always see if I have right intention to do something. Whatever it is,  that should not leads to build up my ego. I am a very simple person who is working towards get rid of my ego. I did not try to build an image about myself through this blog,If you perceive this differently please let me know.

4. Wisdom
I try to understand things as it is (impermanence nature of every thing). Even this blog may not be there one day (no plan to purposely shutdown, but who can predict future). I pay attention to details when writing a blog post and that helps me to improve my wisdom.

5. Sustained Effort
I have kept sustained effort to achieve my goals. During 2012-13 for CCIE Wireless lab exam, in 2014 for CWNE certification and in 2015 more to learn about self. Even after all these, I will put persistent effort to keep this blog going.

6. Patience
It is the practice of exercising patience toward behavior or situations that might not necessarily deserve it. Sometime certain blog posts took long time and I had to be patient about it.

7. Truthfulness
This is one of the key success of my blog. I believe I have being open & honest with my blog posts, comments and that help to build trusted relationship between you and me. There is no hidden agenda.

8. Determination
Whatever you do you need to have a strong determination. I have demonstrated it pursuing CCIE Wireless lab exam, CWNE certification during past 2-3 years.

9. Friendliness
I got connected with many of you through this blog. Even though I may not known you personally, I tried to help you as a true friend and helped you as much as I can (whoever contacted me for any assistance know this better).

10. Equanimity (evenness of mind)
In my life there are ups & downs all the time, even I was down at some situations, this blog helped me to recover from those situations . Some time your feedback  gave me the energy to come back strongly (when I failed CCIEW lab first time 😉 ).

You may think these are basic qualities that everyone should have, but it is difficult to find people with those qualities & hence I am trying to be one of those. These qualities help me to be successful whatever I am doing including running this blog.

I would like to end this post with below quote as it helps me to practice living in the present moment.

Energy follows attention, therefore whatever you place your attention on is what will receive energy in your life

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