Today (2nd Nov 2013) my blog reached a milestone. Blog stats shows it has reached 100,000 hits & I am impressed with that. When I started my blog in April 2012, I never thought it would become this popular, but I was wrong 🙂  I started this blog as my study notes in preparation for my CCIE wireless exam. Within very short period, I realized it benefits lot of other people & that motivated me to keep it going. Even after I passed my lab exam on Aug 2013, I keep this blog running as it become the conduit between me & the rest of the world to communicate on wireless technology topics.

As always, starting was the difficult part & I have done few blog posts (18 in total) during initial 6 months. As my CCIE studies get serious , I have done more than 180 posts during 2013 & blog become more attractive.

My blog helped me to keep in touch with lots of other Network professionals. If my blog was not there, I may not know about these blokes. Now it is being followed by 103 users .

Blog_Stat-01Here is the some of interesting statistics of my blog. This shows the monthly hit count & it is reaching 20k per month.

Blog_Stat-04Here is the weekly statistics. You can see a peak around week#34 (due to my successful lab attempt on 20th Aug). Year 2013 starts with 1500 per week & now it is around 4000 hits per week.


Here is daily hit-count and 931 was the maximum so far. It was the day after I passed my CCIE wireless lab exam (21st Aug 2013).

Blog_Stat-02Here is the stats where my readers are coming from. Most readers based in USA & account for more than 30% of the hits during this period. India, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Sweden, France, Thailand & Greece are the rest of top 10 countries in the list.

Blog_Stat-06Also below gives the top blog posts based on the hit count.

Blog_Stat-05As you can see most people interest to see “How many CCIEs in the world ?“. Then “Lightweigth to Autonomous AP conversion“, “Backup & Restore WLC config” post become number 2 & 3 respectively. Also QoS & Multicast related posts are dominating in the list. These two technologies are my favorites & I spent lots of time to do a good post about these. I think readers are like that.

How to become a CCIE wireless ? ” also become a popular one which has got 1200 hits within first 3 months of its publication. I am sure next 100k hits won’t take that long based on the current trend.

I am thankful to every one of you read my blog & gave some encouragement during my study period (specially after failing my exam in 1st attempt in May 2013).

Thank you for reading my blog & good luck for your CCIE studies….

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