Exactly two years ago I started this blog & that journey has come a long way. I got below greetings from WordPress & thought about taking few minutes to talk about this journey so far.

Year2-01Here is the blog stats as of today. Over 250k hits during  past 24 months & as you can see it is becoming popular day by day. It took 18 months to hit 100k , in then it took less than 6 months to next 150k user hits.

Year2-02Here are few of popular posts in my blog. In the past QoS & Multicast related topics were among the top x list. As a emerging trend I can see 3850/5760 (Cisco Converged Access) related posts getting popularity recent days.

Year2-03Here is stats about from where my readers are coming from. USA, India, Australia, Germany & UK leading the way.

Year2-04I enjoyed this journey very much & this blog gave me enormous opportunity to connect with entire world (If this blog was not there I even may not know you at all). Lots of you being touch with me & encouraging me all the time & that helped a lot. On the other hand I have faced tough situations due to my blog posts as well. I just want to emphasis this is my personal blog & they only reflect my understanding or opinion about particular product or technology. It does not reflect opinions of my employer or any other vendor (eg Cisco).

Thank you very much for supporting & keep encouraging me during this journey.. I would like to keep continue this blog & have another re-cap in one year time.

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