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Cisco has released its latest Wireless LAN Controllers into market. Cisco 5700 series stand alone controller & 3850 WLC integrated catalyst switch. Both are IOS based & that’s the key difference to existing cisco wireless controllers (5508, 2500, WiSM-2, etc). Also address growing demand for high bandwidth requirement for upcoming 802.11ac ( Gbps to AP) wave.

Key highlights of 5760 series controller are given below. You can go through full feature list of this product from here.WLC-5760

• Wire-speed 60-Gbps throughput with services
• Up to 1000 access points per controller and 72,000 access points in a cluster
• Up to 12,000 clients per controller and 864,000 clients in a cluster
• Network traffic visibility through flexible NetFlow v9

With Cisco 3850, WLC functionality comes into Access layer & all CAPWAP tunnels from the AP connected to that switch are terminating on to that switch. This gives lots of flexibility to apply same QoS, Secuiry, Visibility for wired wireless traffic at the Access layer switch. Also this will bypass the bottleneck of bandwidth (8G max in the current version of controllers – 5508) as all wireless DATA traffic enter into network via 3850 switch uplinks (10G)

You can find 3850 switch data sheets from here.WLC-3850

Here are very good podcast  from “nostringsattachedshow.com” about these new products.

1. Cisco5760
2. Cisco3850