Today (7th Feb) I have reached to a point where I have no-return in my CCIE wireless journey. Cisco has processed my lab exam fee USD 1650 (1500 + 10% GST) from my credit card  & that reminds me only 90 days left. Hope this would be a good investment whatever the result I get for 1st time.No-Return

I think I am still at 30-40% ready for this exam. Now I have no choice, but continue work hard within next 90 days to prepare as much as I can.  I have already booked a bootcamp by end of this month here in Sydney. I will use that to assess where I am at & workout a plan to address my skills gap.

My normal study plan is to work 4-5hrs on weekdays & 8-10hrs on weekends. Also planning to have 2 weeks leave just before the exam that I can study long hours (~16 hrs) for10-15 days. This tells me that I have around 500 (~570*90%) study hrs available & I have to utilize it effectively. I am keeping daily time track to see how close I can execute my time schedules.Here is a snapshot of my basic time tracker in Excel.