I found below post from http://leigh-wireless.blogspot.com.au/ which is really useful to learn WLC CLI commands in quick time.

WLC-GUI-CLI-Command Reference

I think Leigh (I met this guy last week) has done a great job here to capture these CLI command with relevant GUI captures which is a really nice way to learn those commands.  I have to print this out & keep as a reference document until I pass this CCIE wireless exam.

Leigh: Wish you all the best & hope you will get your 5 digit number soon.

Here is the full list (~900 :D) of WLC CLI 7.0 CLI commands in xls format which I used for my reference (Highlighted green commands which I configured or know of). You can find it under command reference guides under 5508 product or this direct link. It is good ideal to glance through this list and see how many commands you are familiar with. If you see a command you never configure/see before it is good to read the command reference detail specific to that command. This will help you to find out odd features available in WLC which will be there in CCIE lab exam

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