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It is really important to know where the command reference guides are within CCO page. If you come across a configuration task where you do not know exact commands to configure that, command reference would be your savior.

I could not find the CCO path for the IOS command reference guide for Autonomous AP. By using Google I can find it easily, but in Real CCIE lab exam I do not have my friend Google. So you should know path for these in CCO straightaway.

Cisco IOS Command Reference for Cisco Aironet Access Points and Bridges, Cisco IOS Releases 15.2(2)JA, 12.4(25d)JA, and 12.3(8)JEC

I was able to find something closer version to this under 1250 Series AP, but still it is not the same version I am after.

(In Cisco Doc – Products->Wireless->Access Points ->Cisco Aironet 1250 Series -> Reference Guides ->Command Reference )

In this location you can find below command reference guide.

Cisco IOS Command Reference for Cisco Aironet Access Points and Bridges, Versions 12.4(10b)JA and 12.3(8)JEC

If you know where this is please drop a line in comment section. Sometime you may already know this.

Please Help me

Update@2PM-10th March:

I posted the question is cisco support forum & got answer to this. It is under “Products -> Wireless -> Access Points -> 1200 Series -> Reference Guides -> Command Reference


I need to spend some time to find out other command reference documents in CCO site.

If you are not familiar on these path, please make sure you spend time to do that while you are studying. If you cannot find these document during your LAB exam , there is nothing worse than that.

Be prepared…..