I have relocated to a new place (of course within Melbourne) & entire last week taken for this… No studies at all. It was a stressful week and I would expect even this week as well.

My study rack is completely grounded & have to re-build at my new place (hopefully by this weekend). I have no home internet yet. Frankly I did not want to have this sort of disruptions for my study plans when I am 5-6 weeks away from my exam. But certain things are beyond my control & I have to accept these challenges.

There are certain positives I can expect from this. I have moved to a place where NBN (National Broadband Network) is available which mean my internet connection to home would be a direct fibre connection. I am expecting to get 100Mbps/40Mbps Download/Upload speeds which is far more bandwidth I already had in my previous place (20Mbps/512kbps). Really excited to experience this faster home broadband internet service.

This time around I have selected my internet provider (internode) who is having their own global network (internode-global-network) . Therefore I can expect better response times to reach most parts of the world via this network. Also better QoS as single provider network cover most parts of the world (cannot be Best Effort). They are also full dual-stack provider who will support full IPv6.  I will get /56 IPv6 address block to my home & hope to play with some IPv6 stuff after finishing my wireless CCIE. Yes I can do this on my home internet….

I would expect to be in normal study mode by next week with my study rack back online & having internet at my home. This means I am already in within 30 days limit & having no time to rest…

Update as of 10th April:
Finally I got my new internet connection from internode.

I did quick test to see whether I get improved services by tracing Fastlane Remote rack in Germany. From Melbourne it reached in 13 hops ( Previously I had to go 22 hops- see my previous post for a proof ) within ~300ms. I can see it is going via same provider network most of the path (Sydney-> Los Anglies -> Ashburn -> London -> Amsterdam as shown in internode global network map ) which I was looking for better QoS. Internode-2

Did a quick download test & got a max download speed around 75 Mbps, pretty impressive. Here is the traffic stats got for a 395 MB file download from “files.plixer.com/Scrutinizer-windows-installer.exe”Internode-3

Here is some test download file (5 GB) from “mirror.internode.on.net” which is my service provider. That download hits 90 Mbps throughout…Internode-4

Here is the upload speed stats. Internode-04

I am convinced that I am getting 100Mbps/40Mbps download & upload speeds.

So I am back in Business with my studies with this faster internet links…