The MAC frame format comprises a set of fields that occur in a fixed order in all frames. Below picture shows the general MAC frame format. The first three fields (Frame Control, Duration/ID, and Address 1) and the last field (FCS) constitute the minimal frame format and are present in all frames, including reserved types and subtypes. The fields Address 2, Address 3, Sequence Control, Address 4, QoS Control, HT Control, and Frame Body are present only in certain frame types and subtypes.

802.11 Frames-01

The Frame Body field is of variable size. The maximum frame body size is determined by the maximum MSDU size (2304 octets)

The format of a data frame is shown in the below diagram. The Frame Control, Duration/ID, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, and Sequence Control fields are present in all data frame subtypes. The presence of the Address 4 field is determined by the setting of the To DS and From DS subfields of the Frame Control field (see below). The QoS Control field is present when the QoS subfield of the Subtype field is set to 1

802.11 Frames-02

The format of a management frame is shown in the below. The Frame Control, Duration, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, and Sequence Control fields are present in all management frame subtypes. The maximum unencrypted MMPDU size, excluding the MAC header and FCS, is 2304 octets.

802.11 Frames-03

You can find more details (almost all the detail) from the below IEEE standard document which I used as reference.

IEEE 802.11-2012

Also below Cisco support forum document also help you to understand field of these different type of wireless frames.

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