What version of software you are running on your WLC ? 7.0.x 7.4.x  or 7.6.x Recently Cisco published this document (Cisco DOC 40178) stating they are going to deffer (ie no longer support available or you cannot download those software versions anymore)

WLC-OS-Deffer-01So all releases made prior to Dec 2013 going to be deffer. Here is the bug CSCul68057  details which cause this. WLC will go unexpected reloads due to this

WLC-OS-Deffer-02Effectively now you have 3 choices. Even though is listed in the above, due to some critical bugs of that version Cisco is working on releasing 7.6MR1 in coming weeks, so you should not run code unless you want to experience those issues 😯 .

1. 7.0MR5 ( available in CCO)
2. 7.4MR2 ( available in CCO)
3. 7.6MR1 (7.6.101.x- Pre Release Available)

Also it is mentioned “for complete fix, upgrade to FUS (Field Upgrade Software) as well“. It is very important to make sure you adhere to this. Here is the release notes for this.

Release Notes for WLC Field Upgrade Software(FUS) for Release

So What is the best option ? Depend on what version you are running today, you can determine where to go. My preferred choice would be 7.4MR2. But if you are already running 802.11ac (3700AP or 3600 with ac module) then 7.6MR1. If you are still with 4400/WiSM1/2106 then 7.0MR5.

Cisco also recommending 7.4MR2 as that code went through “AssureWave” program & tested thoroughly (see the blue star below). Also you can refer this report for what features tested by Cisco under AssureWave program for code.

WLC-OS-Deffer-03 Be on a safe code version !!!!

Update @ 5th March 2014.
Noticed this vulnerability notice on Cisco WLCs published today. I think that is the main reason for the above software code deferrals. Here is the summary of it & as you can see it leads to the 3 software codes listed in the above
WLC-OS-Deffer-04If you are using IOS-XE products (5760/3850/3650) then those are not impacted by this vulnerability 🙂

WLC-OS-Deffer-05Update @10-Sep-2014
Cisco has released WLC 8.0 code which is going to be a major release which will last through few maintenance releases (MR).

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