Cisco has announced its 2015 Cisco Designated VIP class based on the contribution made by its members in CSC forum during 2104.

I am glad that I have been selected as one (out of 3) of VIP based on the effort put in “Wireless-Mobility” section of this forum. Here is the complete list of 2015 Cisco Designated VIPs.

2015-VIPThis is the 2nd time I have been awarded this & thank you CSC to recognize its members in this way. Also congrats all 2015 VIP members & thanks for their effort to share the knowledge through this forum.

As a VIP, I will get a free entry to CiscoLive 2015 & hoping to go for Melbourne event to be held on 17-20 March this year. If you are planning to come to this one, let’s catch up, specially if you know me through this blog, but never got a chance to meet me in person 🙂


I would like to encourage you to participate these forums & share your knowledge to help wireless community.

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