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I went to a CiscoLive2013-Melbourne breakout session about Troubleshooting WLAN done by Surendra BG- Sr wireless TAC Enginner. It was very informative & show us how to  troubleshoot wireless issues in structured way. Here is the full presentation (BRKEWN-3011)  of that breakout session.

As a reference documents following two documents listed in this presentation. Be familiar with these documents if you are troubleshooting WLANs.

1. Troubleshoot 802.11n Speeds (DOC-112055)
2. Troubleshoot WLAN Client Issues (DOC-107585)

Below are few snapshots of this presentation where I think everyone needs to understand these topics before troubleshooting issues related to it.

Troubleshooting Client AssociationsWLAN-TS-01WLAN-TS-02

Troubleshooting AP RegistrationsWLAN-TS-06WLAN-TS-07WLAN-TS-08

Important Show commands &  debug commandsWLAN-TS-03WLAN-TS-04WLAN-TS-05WLAN-TS-09

Troubleshooting Client IssuesWLAN-TS-11WLAN-TS-10

How much of these debug commands are you using for day-to-day wireless troubleshooting ? Troubleshooting is a very important skill during any CCIE lab exam.If you know how to troubleshoot a given issue in quick time you will be get definite advantage of managing time during the lab.

While you are studying for CCIE wireless try to get used to these structured troubleshooting methods.

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