As per the 7925 Deployment Guide, these are the guidelines for Unified Wireless deployment for voice.

• Ensure CCKM is Enabled if utilizing 802.1x authentication
• Set Quality of Service (QoS) to Platinum
• Set the WMM Policy to Required
• Ensure Session Timeout is enabled and configured correctly
• Ensure Aironet IE is Enabled
• Set DTPC Support to Enabled
• Disable P2P (Peer to Peer) Blocking Action / Public Secure Packet Forwarding (PSPF)
• Ensure Client Exclusion is configured correctly
• Disable DHCP Address Assignment Required
• Set MFP Client Protection to Optional or Disabled
• Set the DTIM Period to 2
• Set Client Load Balancing to Disabled
• Set Client Band Select to Disabled
• Set IGMP Snooping to Enabled
• Enable Symmetric Mobile Tunneling Mode if Layer 3 mobility is utilized
• Enable Short Preamble if using 2.4 GHz
• Enable ClientLink if utilizing Cisco 802.11n capable access points
• Configure the Data Rates as necessary
• Enable CCX Location Measurement
• Configure Auto RF as necessary
• Set Admission Control Mandatory to Enabled for Voice
• Set Load Based CAC to Enabled for Voice
• Enable Traffic Stream Metrics for Voice
• Set Admission Control Mandatory to Disabled for Video
• Set EDCA Profile to Voice Optimized or Voice and Video Optimized
• Set Enable Low Latency MAC to Disabled
• Ensure that Power Constraint is Disabled
• Enable Channel Announcement and Channel Quiet Mode
• Enable CleanAir if utilizing Cisco access points with CleanAir technology
• Configure Multicast Direct Feature as necessary
• Set the 802.1p tag to 6 for the Platinum QoS profile

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