Worldwide wireless CCIE count listed as 64 in a one of CCIE-Service Provider (BRKCCIE-9163-CCIE Service Provider) breakout session during CiscoLive US (June 2013). According to this stats are updated as of March 2013.

Interesting question is how wireless CCIE count drops (93 to 64) from 2012 to 2013 ? I DO NOT believe this is accurate. Only possibility is this latest figures shows only active CCIEs & 29 of wireless CCIEs status become inactive within last year ( I seriously doubted this could happen)


Here is the similar information given in 2012.


Here is the statistics given in 2011 Feb


Only Cisco can clarify these figures & I have asked the question in a support forum. Hope someone clarify this for us.

Declining Wireless CCIE Count ?

Update @2nd July: Cisco has deleted this thread since they are not made these certification numbers public any longer.

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