This was my dream blog post I have been waiting to write for last 12 months (since I passed my written exam 30th Aug 2012). After 15 hours of nervous time since finishing my lab exam finally I got my result. Now I have become a CCIE wireless. Yes my lucky day was 20th Aug 2013 .


This sort of satisfaction is hard to come by. You  have to earn it & I had to put enormous number of hours to get it. Wake up 4:00AM & study 2-3 hours before go to work & then study full time over the weekend. That was my life most of past 12 months.

I got a very good support from my company & they really support me during this tough journey. But without the support I got from my family, this was an impossible task. They made great scarification to make my journey success. So I would dedicate my CCIE wireless to my wife Rajika, daughter Dewmi  (4yr) & son Manuka (1yr) for the contribution they made on this. Also through this blog I met lot of colleagues in the same field & that help as well.

Here is some celebration I had when I came home with my exam result from work (Thaththa mean “Dad” in our language)


Time to enjoy this for now & I will write a separate post on my strategy this time.


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