In this post we will see how to install a WebAuth certificate on a 5760 controller. This will help to prevent Guest Users prompting with SSL error when they are trying to authenticate to a guest portal.

First task is to obtain a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for the 5760. Since 5760 cannot do this by itself you have to use a software like OpenSSL. I have used Win64 OpenSSL v0.9.8za Light since my PC is 64bit version. ( You can refer Configuring EAP-TLS on a WLC post for a 32bit version working OpenSSL). Here is the screenshots of OpenSSL installation wizard.

5760-WebAuth-Cert-015760-WebAuth-Cert-025760-WebAuth-Cert-035760-WebAuth-Cert-045760-WebAuth-Cert-055760-WebAuth-Cert-06Once the installation completed you can open a command prompt (All Programs -> Accessories ->Right Click on Command Prompt -> Run as Administrator). Then you can generate the CSR (5760-1111req.pem) with the PrivateKey(5760-1111key.pem) as shown below. You have to use FQDN as the name correspond to your 5760 virtual IP address

5760-WebAuth-Cert-08Once you do this you would see those two files in C->OpenSSL->bin folder. Then you can use CSR(in my case 5760-1111req.pem) to your Certificate Authority to generate a certificate. Once your request approved, you will get your digital certificates in different format. Here is what I got from CA.

5760-WebAuth-Cert-09Then I  downloaded PKCS#7 Base64 encoded format of the certificate. Since 5760 Configuration guide documented installing certs inn PKCS12 format as shown below I have converted my cert in to that format.5760-WebAuth-Cert-10Here how you can convert it to PKCS12 format. I have renamed my downloaed cert from CA as “webauth-guest.p7b” & used that to generate PKCS12 file named “webauth-guest.pfx“. Here is the command syntax if you are doing this through a linux host.

openssl pkcs7 -print_certs -in webauth-guest.p7b -out webauth-guest.cer
openssl pkcs12 -export -in webauth-guest.cer -inkey 5760-1111key.pem -out webauth-guest.pfx

Here how I did this through OpenSSL application. You have to use the same password that you used to generate the CSR.5760-WebAuth-Cert-11Once the PKCS12 format certificate is available you can install it on your 5760 using IOS commands. First you can copy cert to your 5760 flash & then install it.

5760-1#copy tftp://x.x.13.20/webauth-guest.pfx flash:
Destination filename [webauth-guest.pfx]? 
Accessing tftp://x.x.13.20/webauth-guest.pfx...
Loading webauth-guest.pfx from x.x.13.20 (via Vlan1600): !
[OK - 6477 bytes]

6477 bytes copied in 0.080 secs (80963 bytes/sec)

5760-1(config)#crypto pki import ? 
  WORD  Trustpoint label to associate certificate or pkcs-12 file with

5760-1(config)#crypto pki import webauth-cert pkcs12 flash:webauth-guest.pfx password Cisco123
% Importing pkcs12...
Source filename [webauth-guest.pfx]? 
Reading file from flash:webauth-guest.pfx% The CA cert is not self-signed.
% Do you also want to create trustpoints for CAs higher in
% the hierarchy? [yes/no]: yes
CRYPTO_PKI: Imported PKCS12 file successfully.

Now your 5760 is equipped with WebAuth Cert 🙂  You can verify your cert configuration on your 5760 using “show archive config diff ”  prior to do a write mem. Also you can use “show crypto ca certificate verb” as well.

5760-1#show archive config differences nvram:startup-config system:running-config
!Contextual Config Diffs:
+crypto pki trustpoint webauth-cert
 +revocation-check crl
 +rsakeypair webauth-cert
+crypto pki trustpoint webauth-cert-rrr1
 +revocation-check crl
+crypto pki trustpoint webauth-cert-rrr2
 +revocation-check crl

+crypto pki certificate chain webauth-cert

5760-1#show crypto ca certificate verb
  Status: Available
  Version: 3
  Associated Trustpoints: webauth-cert 
  Key Label: webauth-cert

So your guest users won’t see something like below when they enter their credential in Guest Portal


Here are some related Cisco Documents which may be useful as well

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2. 5760 IOS-XE Release 3E-Configuring Guest Wireless
3. Generate CSR for 3rd Party Cert & install it on WLC (Doc 70584)

Special Thanks to my colleague Gareth for helping me to understand a little bit about these certificates.

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