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After a long wait (I did this post in 2 years back), finally Cisco has refreshed CCIEW v2.0 to CCIEW v3.0. According to this announcement, 13 September 2015 is that last day to do written or lab exam under version 2.0.

So what are the differences made on v3.0 compare to v2.0. There are couple of major differences

1. Lab exam format
Cisco has changed the format of the Lab exam to align with other CCIE lab exams. So you will get 1 hour Diagnostic/Troubleshooting session prior to go to 7 hours hands on lab. You have to earn minimum passing score on both section & minimum total cutoff as well to pass the Lab exam.

2. Converged Access
Cisco has introduces Converged Access deployment as part of Unified Access. So you have to learn this in addition to Centralized & FlexConnect deployment model in Unified Access.

Here is the high level module changes in v3.0 compare to v2.0. Here (CCIEWireless_Labv3 ) is the detail blue print for v3.0 lab exam.

v2-v3-domain3. Hardware & Software changes.
You have to learn AireOS 8.0 & IOS-XE 3.6 as software versions of AireOS conntrollers & IOS-XE switches/controllers (3650/5760).  Addition to this ISE (Identity Service Engine) has been added as Radius server replacing ACS. Prime Infrastructure 2.2 added replacing WCS. MSE 3300 listed without any specific software version, but I am sure it is 8.x to inline with other products software version.

Below summarize those changes in CCIEWv3.0

v2-v34. Feature addition/removal.
With introduction of software code 8.0 to that Lab, there are lots of new features someone need to learn. Also addition of ISE,IOS-XE,later version of MSE gives Cisco opportunity to test latest features. Here are the new additions in v3.0

1. Configure and troubleshoot stacking
2. Configure and troubleshoot basic OSPFv3
3. Configure and troubleshoot basic IPv6 EIGRP address families
4. Configure and troubleshoot SXP/SGT
5. Configure and troubleshoot PSPF
6. Configure and troubleshoot Flexconnect
7. Configure and troubleshoot new mobility
8. Configure and troubleshoot a Unified Deployment Model (Converged)
9. Configure and troubleshoot client profiling and provisioning
10. Configure and troubleshoot CoA
11. Configure and troubleshoot basic sponsor policy (Guest)
12. Implement and troubleshoot CMX
13. Integrate ISE
14. Integrate netflow
15. Configure andf troubleshoot BDRL
16. Configure and troubleshoot mDNS
17. Configure and troubleshoot AVC and netflow

Cisco has listed following topics as “removed” when refreshing from v2.0 to 3.0

1. Configure and troubleshoot MFP
2. Configure and troubleshoot peer-to-peer blocking
3. Configure and troubleshoot IGMP snooping
4. Configure and troubleshoot WDS (L2)
5. Upgrade Autonomous to Unified
6. Configure and troubleshoot H-REAP
7. Implement local DHCP services for clients

As you can see, feature removal is negligible compare to amount of features added. So better think of this is CCIEW2.0 + lot of new features/products.

So knowing CCIEW v3.0 is around the corner, what should be your strategy. Here is my view for someone in that situation.

1. If you already started your CCIEW2.0 journey (or even attempted lab exam already), then do not get distracted, keep studying on v2.0 & try to pass the lab exam. If you already booked your 1st lab attempt around July/Aug, I would consider bring it forward (at least giving you an opportunity to go back in case you cannot make it in first go).

2. If you haven’t schedule your lab exam yet, then I would consider go for v3.0 lab exam instead of v2.0. Though it is challenging decision, if you learn all these latest & greatest product with included features, you will pretty much know what currently deploying (it is not like you learn older software codes & then realize those are out of date in current market)

3. If you haven’t start your CCIEW journey, but was thinking of it then do not disappoint with this announcement. Yes, you have to learn a lot, but all good for you. I know lot of people get on with Converged Access (as of the challenges in deployments) & stay away from it as much as they can.(more comfortable with Centralized deployment model). If you are in that mindset, please move out of it. You will create your own barrier to study it.

4. In v2.0, you could use older hardware (WLC: 4400,2100, SW: 2960,3750, AP: 1260,3500) to setup your home lab. In v3.0, this is going to be challenging as you require 5508 (or min 2504), 5760 & 3650 all latest,so finding them cheaply is a challenge. So remote racks going to be primary method of lab practice. If you get opportunity to work with 3650/5760 in a project, get maximum benefit rather than stay away from it saying its challenging.

At last, keep remember everything is changing. so does these technologies, blueprint,etc. If you give up your CCIEW inspiration due to these latest changes, that is the biggest harm you going to do for yourself.

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