I came back from my second 10 day – vipassana meditation retreat recently. I thought to write this post to share my happiness with you. People who live close by to me can see it in person as they deal with me day to day. But many of you who communicate with me through this blog cannot feel it in the same way. Hopefully by reading this post you are able to feel my positive vibrations and able to share my happiness with you.

Below graphic is the summary of this post. Even if you are not reading this entire post, please take a moment to contemplate it. You should be able to judge if you have achieved the happiness, you are looking for (from outside) through your life experiences.


If you read my previous post on “Living in the Present Moment” you have already  understood, the meditation technique I follow which leads to purify mind & bring happiness to oneself & his or her surroundings.

This technique will help you to develop awareness to see things as it is. Many of us think we do this naturally & see the things as it is. Almost all the time that is a wrong  perception.

Read the following example to understand this process.

Think about a person who has helped you in a difficult time. Your mind create a very good perception of this person and every time you see him/her, you get a pleasant feelings as your mind generate pleasant thoughts every time you see this person or hear about him/her.

Let’s say you didn’t meet this person around 5-10 years and he has completely changed during that time period, so he hasn’t get many  good qualities. Let’s say you meet him after 10 years for the first time.The moment you see him, your mind process internally & see what sort of perception is there about this person, based on the your past experiences evaluation was given and very pleasant feelings comes as he/she was such a great person. In reality this is not true, what you see (or sense from your faculties) is a perception of your mind.

In similar way (without experiencing the reality), if you search happiness in outside world you will end up in misery. As long as you understand this process, through this meditation technique, you will find a way to come out of all your misery. This bring happiness to you in the first instance & then you will share this happiness among others who you deal with.

Based on my short personal experience, I can confidently say it has  changed my life completely  towards the positive direction. It helps a lot to understand why things happen in my life in certain ways. Whatever happens(good or bad), I can look at them equanimously which is the other skill you will develop through this mediation technique (addition to awareness).

So why I am talking about it to you, in such high regards. Knowing every things happens based on “Cause & Effect” principle, I know all of you become a friend of mine due to some reason. Most of you came to learn WiFi stuff through this blog and went away. Some of you see a value beyond this (learning WiFi) and became closer friends. Some of you are very interested on the mindfulness practices that I am doing.

By looking at things bit deeper, I can see the reasons for meeting such friends through this blog. You may believe or not, we all are going on the same journey in our lives to get rid of suffering through this purification process  (we may be different stages in that journey though).We may have been friends in our previous lives as well. So by keep practising this and try to purify our mind, we are creating a cause now. So effect would be, we will become friends again (even in future lives) & helping each other to achieve such a higher stage.

If you haven’t experience this yet, time is now. Experience the real happiness through such a great practice. Here is locations where you can practice this technique.

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