As I indicated in my previous post, I had really nice experience at Cisco campus. Among all, some of the beautiful moments created spontaneously by kind act of few individuals. This post is about some of those people and what those moments were.

During CLUS 2019, I met Anand Gurumurthy – Technical Marketing Engineer for the first time while I was visiting Network Security Innovation Forum (NSIF) area. He showed so much gratitude for blog posts I have done and appreciate all those hard work. So I shared my contact and told him I will visit San Jose following week. He asked me to let him know when I visit Cisco campus.

When I visited Cisco campus with my family, I texted him & asked if we can catch up. Not only he met us, also went extra mile by showing me some of the wireless labs in Building 14 & introduced me to people who were there. Some of them already knew me through my blog & surprised to see me in person.


During that walk, he introduced me to Nilesh Doshi – Manager Software Development Engineering in Wireless Networking Business Unit . During that short catch up he asked me when I leave San Jose.  I said “I am leaving tomorrow night” & he asked me if it is possible to give a talk to his team to motivate them on their CCIE/CWNP journey.  I said “Yes, of course” without any hesitation.

So I went to Cisco campus on Friday & shared some of my learning experience with entire team of Nilesh. My friend Anand, also came to that meeting and introduced me for the whole team.


I hope they were motivated by my talk & continue their path towards CCIE/CWNP certification. Anand & Nilesh were extremely warm & welcoming  and I  believe their act of kindness resulted in such a beautiful possibility . I wanted to use this experience to  highlight the importance of being a caring people which holds lot of importance in life irrespective of your knowledge level and was a perfect example of it…

Here is the team photo with me.


After the talk, few of them came to me & personally thanked me  for what I have done. I am so thankful for this entire team for giving me such opportunity. Here is a photo with Anand as well.


These moments are unforgettable in my life, specially how they unfolded and what kind of impact that could have in my life. I am sure it makes some influence to these individuals as well.