I developed another micro course for WiFi Training. This time it is about IoT technologies. Many are predicting IoT is going to be the next big thing in technology that will change the way we use technology in the next decade. Therefore investing your time to learn about that technology is going to be critical. Specially if you are in to WiFi, it is a better choice to keep your skills up in IoT as we see many enterprise AP vendors, integrate IoT radios into their AP models (eg Cisco 9100 series with BLE/IoT Radio for indoor IoT services).

Course follows the same structure like any previous micro courses I developed and course duration is around 4hrs in total. Here is the breakdown of course flow.

Module 1 (IoT Landscape)
1.0 – Course Introduction
1.1 – IoT Landscape

Module 2 (WPAN for IoT)
2.1- IEEE 802.15.4
2.2 – Zigbee
2.3 – 6LoWPAN
2.4 – Thread
2.5 – WirelessHART
2.6 – ISA100.11a
2.7 – Z-Wave
2.8 – Bluetooth 

Module 3 (WLAN for IoT)
3.1 – IEEE802.11ah

Module 4 (LP-WAN for IoT)
4.1 – Introduction to LP-WAN
4.2 – LoRaWAN
4.3 – Sigfox
4.3 – NB-IoT

Module 5 (Deployment Considerations)
5.1 – IoT Challenges
5.2 – IoT Training paths

Here is the introductory video for IoT lessons series. Since there are many technologies, we are covering each of them at high level and not going into deep level in these different protocols. We will be developing follow on micro courses on some of these key IoT technologies and that will take a deep dive into each of those key protocols.

In second module primarily talks about Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) and most of technologies based on IEEE802.15.4 PHY/MAC layer. We will be discussing all these protocols in high level to get a better understanding of each one of them.

In module3, we will discuss about Wireless LAN technologies that are developed for IoT use cases in mind and primarily go through IEEE 802.11ah -S1G (or WiFi Halow – WiFi alliance certification) details.

In 4th module we talk about LP-WAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies commonly used in IoT. Primarily cover LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NB-IoT basics.

In the last Module, we will look at IoT deployment challenges and what are the different training opportunities available to learn about IoT technologies. Here is the last lesson that I talk about those IoT training options available as of today.

If you are keen on upskill yourself in IoT, please have a look at this micro course & stay tune for upcoming courses on IoT track. If you follow WiFiTraining on Twitter/LinkedIn, you may already aware that we are conducting frequent giveaways and you will able to win these courses freely.

If you are actively working on IoT projects or keen to get into IoT space leave us a comment into this post and we will pick few winners randomly in 1-2 weeks time and give you access to this micro course as a complement.