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Here is a post about my latest digital course development “Rockstar QoS for WLAN Professional” with WiFiTraining. QoS is one of my favorite topic and I really enjoyed developing this content.

When it comes to WiFi, there were no clear guidance on how to configure QoS specifically when it comes to QoS mappings between wire & wireless medium. Now that has changed, there is a RFC8325 published in 2018 to provide general recommendations on how we should implement WiFi QoS for consistency. In this Rockstar QoS digital course I start with wired QoS concepts and then go into WiFi QoS concept. Then look at how you should configure wireless QoS, specifically with Cisco WLCs, namely 9800 & AireOS based controllers. Then finish it off with QoS deployment considerations. Here is the detail course flow and some of lessons videos linked for you to get an understanding what you get.

Module 1 – Introduction to QoS  
L0.0 – Course-Intro  [7 min]
L1.0- Before You Begin  [10 min]
L1.1 – Introduction to QoS  [17 min]
L1.2 – Voice Traffic Analysis [10 min]
L1.3 – Video Traffic Analysis [25 min]

Module 2 – Wired QoS 
L2.1 – Wired QoS Basics [37 min]
L2.2 – Wired QoS Demo [38 min]

Module 3 – Wireless QoS 
L3.1 – WiFi QoS Basics  [31 min]
L3.2 – WiFi QoS Control  [21 min]
L3.3 – QoS with CAPWAP [17 min] 
L3.4- Application Visibility [12 min]

Module 4 – 9800 QoS  
L4.0- 9800 QoS Features [30 min] 
L4.1 – 9800 Metal QoS [16 min]
L4.2 – 9800-Local-NoQoS [48 min]
L4.3 – 9800-Local-QoS [24 min]
L4.4 – 9800-AutoQoS [26 min]
L4.5 – 9800-Custom QoS [21 min]
L4.6 – 9800-1XQoS [21 min]
L4.7 – 9800 Flex QoS [11 min]

Module 5 – AireOS QoS 
L5.0-AireOS QoS Features [23 min]
L5.1-AireOS-LocalMode-QoS [26 min]
L5.2-AireOS-Fastlane [14 min]
L5.3-AireOS-FlexConnect QoS [21 min]
L5.4-AireOS-Metal QoS [19 min]
L5.5-AireOS1X [6 min]

Module 6 – Wireless QoS Best Practice 
L6.0-QoS with Cisco DNAC  [7 min]
L6.1-QoS Deployment Considerations [24 min]

Like my previous development, this course include opportunities for you to go into frame level analysis and see the impact of different QoS configurations for voice & video applications. Here is the basic network topology used and include Cisco wired & wireless infrastructure in that lab setup. You will get access to all packet captures and supporting student material to go through your own studies.

For all of your benefits as my blog readers, I will do few blog posts on key QoS concepts that we cover in this digital course.

1. RFC 8325 – QoS Mapping Recommendations
2. AireOS – QoS Recommendations
3. 9800 QoS Recommendations

Also I will be doing a Webinar on Cisco 9800 QoS on 30th Sep – 3PM CST time. If you are interested please register for that event using this link.

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