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I am glad to announce that I have developed another digital course for WiFi training. It is named “Rockstar Multicast for WLAN Professional“, a course developed for Wireless professional to understand how you design/ deploy/ troubleshoot multicast in WiFi environment.

Multicast is a topic in generally not well understood by many of us. It is due to the nature of that technology and complicated configurations requirement in certain modes of multicast routing like RP configs in PIM-SM (Sparse Mode). Even though PIM-SM was the most common deployment method in the past, if you have worked with PIM-SSM (Source Specific Multicast) then you know, you can completely get rid of those complicated RP configurations & make multicast is simple to configure.

In this digital course, we will look at high-level of multicast concepts in module 1-3 and with that knowledge you go into wireless multicast in module 4 & 5. Entire course flow has given below and wireless multicast sections cover 5hrs of total time where as first 3 modules cover Multicast intro/IGMP & PIM in 2.5hrs. Three lessons (L0.0, L4.7, L5.1) videos have linked for you to go through and get an idea about overall course.

Module 1 – Introduction to Multicast
L0.0-Course-Intro [5 min]
L0.1-Student Materials [3 min]
L1.0-Multicast-Intro [36 min]
L1.1- Unicast Demo [10 min]

Module 2 – IGMP
L2.1-IGMPv1 [8 min]
L2.2-IGMPv2 [11min]
L2.3-IGMPv3 [17 min]
L2.4-IGMP-Snooping [9 min]

Module 3 – Multicast Routing
L3.1-Mutlicast-Routing-Intro [6 min]
L3.1-PIM-DM Overview [2 min]
L3.2-PIM-SM Overview [11 min]
L3.4-PIM-SSM Overview [3 min]
L3.5-PIM-SSM Config [11 min]
L3.6-PIM-SSM Demo [12 min]

Module 4 – Multicast With AireOS WLC
L4.1-Wireless-Multicast-Intro [19 min]
L4.2-AireOS-Local-Mode-Multicast [35 min]
L4.3-AireOS-Local-Multicast-Demo [29 min]
L4.4-VideoStream [22 min]
L4.5-AireOS-VideoStream-Demo [17 min]
L4.6-FlexConnect Multicast [15 min]
L4.7-FlexConnect Multicast Demo [22 min]
L4.8-FlexConnect SSM [11 min]

Module 5 – Multicast With IOS-XE WLC
L5.1-9800 Config Model [15 min]
L5.2-9800 Multicast-Local Mode [6 min]
L5.3-9800 Multicast Config Demo [31 min]
L5.4-9800 Multicast Direct [8 min]
L5.5-9800 MediaStream-Demo [28 min]
L5.6-9800 FlexConnect Multicast [12 min]
L5.7-9800 FlexConnect Multicast Demo [29 min]

Module 6 – Deployment Considerations
L6.1-Wireless Multicast Deployments [24 min]

I have developed this course for someone who got basic knowledge of networking and then can go easily into wireless multicast concepts. In the initial modules we will discuss in Multicast technology in general and then discuss about IGMP & PIM protocol to give you strong foundation that you can rely when we go to wireless multicast in later modules. Here is a summary slide that talk about Multicast IP addresses.

There are 8 lab demonstrations for you to understand how to configure & verify multicast, specifically with Cisco AireOS & IOS-XE (9800) based controllers. I have shared all the packet captures with this digital course, so you can analyze those in wireshark and get a packet level understanding of wireless multicast.

We are using a basic multicast network topology shown below for this digital course. We will start demonstrations with Unicast video transmission first and then onto wired multicast. Later we do lab demonstrations on wireless multicast using Cisco Wireless environment. First with AireOS based (2504WLC/3702AP) and then look at IOS-XE based (9800WLC/9130AP) infrastructure.

If you keen to learn about wireless multicast (or even wired multicast), I think this course is for you. I am keen to get your feedback if you get a chance to go through this micro course. Hope you will enjoy this training and enhance your wireless multicast skills.

Next I will be working on “Rockstar QoS for WLAN Professionals“, similar micro course about Wireless QoS, stay tune for it (ETA-end of Aug)

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