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If you follow my recent blog posts, you are aware that I posted series of blog posts about new security enhancements like Enhanced Open, WPA3. I have to do one more post about WPA3-Enterprise to complete that series. I am planning to do it before end of Aug 2020 🙂

Further to that I developed a “WPA3 Lessons” micro course for WiFiTraining. This video course cover WiFi Security enhancement in greater detail.

Here is a quick introductory video to this micro course. Total course duration is around 4hrs and I explain topics in a simpler way that anybody can follow them easily. Here is what you will learn

  • Identify Security Protocols, Standards, and Certifications
  • Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in historical WLAN Security Protocols
  • Define IEEE and WiFi-Alliance roles in WLAN Security
  • Identify 802.1X / EAP / EAP Protocols
  • Identify & Mitigate threats in modern Enterprise WLANs
  • Identify Wireless Encryption & Methods used in WPA/WPA2/WPA3
  • Explore 802.11 Frame variables and cipher suites
  • Explore Enhanced Open
  • Explore WPA3 Personal
  • Explore WPA3 Enterprise
  • Deploy WPA3 based networks and clients

If you want to learn about recent WiFi Security enhancement (WPA3 & Enhanced Open), it is the right training for you. I have shared packet captures and you can go through frame analysis to better understand those topics.

Here is a sample video about WPA2-Personal which we will cover during this training.


I would encourage you to have a look and invest on it if you think WiFi Security is important to your development.

There are many more micro courses available on WiFiTraining Store and all from great authors that you know.

Chris Avants (Rockstar Network Foundation, DHCP Lessons, ISE Lessons)
Rasika Nayanajith (WPA3 Lessons, Fast Roaming Lessons)
Francois Verges (WiFi6 Lessons, Evolution of WiFi Data Rates, Introduction to WiFi Automation)
Kevin Franzen (9800 Lessons, EWC Lessons)
Rowell Dionicio (Working From Home)

Keep an eye on this space as there are many courses in production and should be available soon.

If you are in your CWNE journey, we have developed multiple lab workbooks that provide step by step guides to for many lab tasks that you can perform using your own labs or WiFitraining labs. These should help you to build confidence on topics you learn in CWNA, CWSP, CWAP

If you follow WiFiTraining on social media, I am sure you may already know that we are conducting regular “WiFiGiveaway” promotions where you will be winners and get access to these great training materials.

If you have any feedback for us on these training offerings, please fill out this quick survey for us, it is another way for you enter into next WiFIGiveaway.


  1. Enahanced Open
  2. Enhanced Open – Transition Mode
  3. WPA3-Personal
  4. WPA3 – Transition Mode
  5. WPA3 – Enterprise