Started to organize the reading material from cisco.com. As  same document ID is listed under several places under wireless documentation had to spent time to sort it out in a meaningful way.

This is my strategy.

1. Copy all the information from Configuration Example & Technote section for Cisco 5508 from the below URL.


2. Do the same for other listed wireless product in the exam blue print.(eg 3500, 1260, etc)

3. Created separate column for “Document ID”, “Date Updated” and sort it according to date column.

4. Then at regular intervals visit the main URL and add latest document added to my excel sheet.(e g.  There are 29 documents as of 30th April under 5500 config example section)

4. Highlight the duplicate “document ID” in different colour to easily identify them in my excel sheet.

5. Then read them and make appropriate comments depend on importance of them for future reference.

In this way I am targeting NOT to miss reading any of the tech document added to the section by Cisco. When doing this I have given priority for the documentation added within last 2-3 years (hoping they do not have much errors & relevant to the current exam topics).

here is the complete excel sheet so far…..CCIE-W-TechNote1.0