You may wonder certain posts in my blog start with * sign. Is there any meaning for this ?

When I started my blog in April 2012, purely it was for my CCIE wireless v2.0 lab exam preparation.  This is based on certain WLC software code ( & ACS5.2 & WCS.

But technology is changing so fast & those products are no longer in production network any longer (but I have to study those for CCIEW lab exam). So I am currently working on the current technologies (ISE, Prime, WLC 8.0) at the same time doing my studies in technology comes in CCIE lab exam (v2.0).

To differentiate those two categories I will use this * mark for the any post that does not relate with CCIEWv2.0 exam. So if you are purely using my blog for CCIEW v2.0 exam you can safely skip those * topics/posts.

Otherwise feel free to check any of my post. You will learn something…