Time has come for me to go for another 10 days of silence vipassana retreat. This is my 3rd time of doing such a retreat & will be doing it from 26th Dec to 6th Jan.

I know every one of us is so busy & hard to find time for this sort of activity. It’s all about priorities in our life, you will find time to do it if that is on top of your priority list. Since I have completed my first 10-day vipassana retreat, I realized that there is nothing like “living in the present” to bring me happiness. So I try to find time for a 10-day retreat in every year and lucky enough to continue it into 3rd consecutive years (with the wonderful support of my lovely family). All of them have done at least one 10-days Vipassana retreat (3 children did it while they were in mother’s tummy) & have learned to let go. That helps  🙂

img_6375Why I am going in every year?

At the early stage of your practice, you need to dedicate time to realize this technique works for you. Once you realized it, you will bring your practice into daily life (at least do daily meditation). Once you are able to establish your awareness in the present moment (with regular practice), you simply live your life, happiness will follow you. At that stage, you do not want to go for such long retreats in each year.

Most of you may enjoy the holiday/X’mas break that you long waited for, or you may reflect back & see what you have achieved in 2016 or setting up goals for the new year. We all expect to be happy, no matter, what we do in life; see whether you have achieved it during 2016. You may earn more money, achieved your career goals, certifications & personal targets. Did that bring the happiness you looked for, did it last long enough?  If your answer is “No, not really” then give it a try for this powerful technique in 2017 (here are the locations you can do it) & see how it helps you to be happy in every moment. Happiness is within, you need to give quality time in silence (without any reactions) to realize it.

Few of my blog followers trusted me and went for a 10-day vipassana retreat in 2016.I am glad that they realized the value of such a retreat. Hers is a comment from one of them. Hope this will give you some motivation to try it out.

It was in Krutyn, Poland.

Yes, I did the whole 10 days there. And yes, it’s probably the best thing everyone could do for himself in 10 days. A life-changing experience. And it’s free, as most of the best experiences.

I think I have enough sources of information, but thanks, Just wanted to let you know. They must have been quite surprised, reading in my application, that I found out about Vipassana reading a WiFi technology blog of a guy from the other side of the Earth.

Thanks for this great blog, it helped me many times & keep posting!

Enjoy holidays time with your family.See you in the new year.

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