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Another Cisco Live event in the record books for me. It was my 2nd Cisco Live US (CLUS) experience for me & here is how it went . This time I took my annual leave and brought my family to US along with me. So it was a special CLUS as I was able to give them a glimpse of CiscoLive.

As always Networking with people was my favorite part, there were so many happy moments created in that week.

Day 0

My Ciscolive started with Technical Seminar – ISE 2.6 on Sunday, it was a 8hr session and covered lots of topics. During the day I was able to catch up with few friends

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At the end of the day, I had an opportunity to introduce my family to few people. Lot of them appreciated my effort to support Cisco community. I am so grateful to my family who scarifies a lot in order for me to do what I do.

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Day 1
Opening Keynote &  couple of breakout sessions filled my day.  Day began with “Advancements in Wireless Security – BRKEWN-2006” session by Stephen Orr & Bob Sayle . If you are into wireless, this is a must watch session to learn about new wireless security enhancement.

Opening Key note was the next. Major announcement on Cisco Certification Program changes was the key take away for me. If you are into Cisco Certs, you can read this post about all those changes.


I had my second breakout session in the afternoon “Optimize your WLANs for small and mobile devices – BRKEWN-2003” by Jerome Henry, one of my favorite speaker. Again if you want to learn how to design your WiFi for mobile devices, you should watch it. Glad I met Santi – CCIEW Program Mgr in the same session.

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On that day met with John’s & his family who came from Norway to the event. They are really kind & nice people who took care of me when I went there to do a class few weeks back.


Highlight of the Day 1 was Cisco Community VIP Dinner. I had pleasure of meeting lot of members of VIP community who keeping support community active.

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Day 2

It started with Cisco Champions NOC tour which is  a unique experience. To understand how much effort goes into setting it up, you should get a briefing from them. Typically these teams does not get enough appreciation and I got an opportunity to thank them what they are doing.

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As a NetVet/CCIE, you get an opportunity to go for a session “RSVP-3286 – CCIE/DE NetVets Lunch with Chuck Robbins & Cisco Executives” . You can directly give feedback, ask question from executive team and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact based on last years session, I reported a bad experience on a TAC case to Curt Hill & they were immediately helped me to resolve it. I thanked him this time for doing that. Here is an one of those happy moment in that event.


Day -2  finished with “WiFi Happy Hour” event arranged by Active Expert where I teach as Wireless Instructor. Chris & George flew down for the event & hosted for us. I had to skip CCIE Party for this event and it is well worth.  As you can see below, everyone enjoyed this event and great opportunity for my family to meet so many people in wireless community. If you want to build new friendships, there is no better ways than these and glad CLUS makes it possible.

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Day 3

Day started with a breakout session “RF Fundamentals from WiFi to WiFi6 (11ax)- BRKEWN-2017” by Frederick Niehaus. He is a great speaker who can make audience entertain during his talk. If you like to learn RF fundamentals with humor, no better session than it.

During the day had couple of Cisco champions activities on Wireless Innovations & Cisco DevNet Certification. If you are not a Cisco Champion, you should be a one in next year to get an unique experience during a Cisco Live.

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During the day I met with some new friends and really appreciated they stopped by & greeted to me. As I will spend few more weeks in US, I will meet some of them again in short time. I am sure these new friendship will shape our future.

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As I am with my family (with 3 kids) had to skip Customer Appreciation Party on that night. Sometime family comes first.

Day 4

I had to move into a different place with family in the morning. Even in the last day, I spent more time with Networking. Glad I met two new friends (Ali & Anand) from Cisco. Both of them really appreciative of work I have done with my wireless blog.


I went to one breakout session “BRKCRS-2831 – Planning migration of your wireless (Wi-Fi) services from traditional to SD-Access” done by Jaison Mathew who came to see me previous day. (I had scheduled another session, but decided to go for his session based on new friendship created on previous day).

Session was conducted him & Vinay Saini and I got opportunity talk to both of them at the end. Then got to know, Vinay was one of CWNE panel member who evaluate my CWNE application in 2014. Also during the session Jaison told us he created a youtube channel for educating people about these new technologies. If you have’t watch those video, pls refer this link & learn from it.

My last day highlight  was Tweetup photos at the end.


You will get a great opportunity to say good bye to your close friends. I am glad I got a chance to meet few people that I could not catch up with first few days of CLUS.

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Based on my CLUS experience,I am really looking forward to 2020 in Las Vegas. Let’s keep these friendship growing.


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