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I came home yesterday after my 2nd WLPC (Read this post about my 1st WLPC experience). It was a great event and I had a really good time over there. There were lot of great presentations that you should watch once they posted here.


Like last time, I had privileged to meet great individuals who make this WiFi community so beautiful. Here is some of those moments.

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This time I had opportunity to be an instructor for Cisco WITSHOOT bootcamp and conduct Advanced Packet Analysis deep dive session. Deep Dive session was based on CWAP lab workbook that we developed. Everyone in that session got a printed copy of workbook and we did selected labs and went through WPA3 & Enhanced Open live captures as well. If you are not familiar with those workbooks please have a look at https://store.wifitraining.com/



I think this year, there were many individuals & companies recognized for their valuable contribution to WiFi community. Even though I missed presentation on last day (as we had to leave early), congratulations to everyone who won the awards and being selected as finalist. Here are pictures of winners (courtesy of Ferney Munoz tweets)

– Company Leadership of the Year (Cisco)
– Innovation of the Year (Ekahau Connect)
– Product of the Year ( WiFi Explorer by Adrian Granados)
– Content Contribution of the year ( François Vergès)
– Rookie of the Year (Lariana Luy )
– Lifetime Achievement Award (David Coleman)

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There is special reason why this WLPC is memorable one for me. I took 2 weeks off prior to conference and spent time with my best friends Chris, George & John leading up to WLPC. I am lucky to have such a nice friends & timing worked well to be together even we live in different continent.


Being pilots, Chris & John were enjoying flying to Phoenix from Texas and I had luxury of being special guest for them in that trip.


We had multiple stop overs along the way in Midland [TX], El Paso [TX], Roswell [NM], Albuquerque [NM] & Scottsdale [AZ] prior to reach final destination in Phoenix. That was the best experience I ever had in going for a conference.


Midland City

We stayed in El Paso over night and tasted some great Mexican food while we were there. We had most beautiful scenic views along our way to El Paso.



El Paso Airport

Roswell was the key highlight, a city famous for UFO crash in 1947. I did not hear about it until I was there for the very first time.


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On the way to Albuquerque, scenic view was so beautiful.


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After 2 days of scenic exploration, finally we reached to Pointe Hilton – WLPC Venue on 15th Feb.


Pointe Hilton – WLPC Venue

On the way back, we had to leave early on last day as a bad weather front was on our way. We were suppose to go to SFO on that day, However we lost some time due to maintenance work needed for the plane and ended up in Vegas.


Bellagio Fountain Show – Las Vegas

Then I took a flight back to DFW to be ready for my trip back home to Melbourne. John & Chris flew to SFO and I am sure they had great pleasure of flying over those beautiful places in west coast.

I am greatful to entire Chris’s family, Damith’s family &  Bruce who scarifies their time to make my experience great in this trip.