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I will be doing a Webinar on 9800 Multicast tomorrow 28th Oct, at 3PM CST. If you haven’t registered for it yet, you can register using this link. Looking forward to sharing what I know of this topic with you.

If you like to learn about wireless multicast & how you configure it on Cisco 9800 WLC, then this webinar is for you. Here is the agenda for tomorrow’s webinar.

Like any previous Webinars we did, you can access the “recorded” version, in case timing does not work for you based on where you are in the world. I will update this post on how you can access it once we release the recording next week.

Update 29-Oct-2021
Thank you very much to all of you who registered & participated in this Webinar. Here is the link to the recording. If you already have our LMS account, then you should be able to watch it. If you are new, then you can simply create an account free and then watch it.

If you watch this till the end, you will see a live demo that brought some challenges (like any Live Demo 🙂 ). I have typed the wrong group address ( instead of & which ended up not showing the packet that I would like to show (around 70min mark). Here is the link to packet capture (9800-Webinar-MCDirect.pcapng) you can go ahead with the right group address for filtering.

1. Multicast Lessons
2. PIM-SSM (Source-Specific Multicast)
3. IGMPv3
4. IGMP Basics
5. Wireless Multicast Not working, why?
6. Test your basic Multicast