For the 10th year, I have been recognized as Cisco Designated VIP in Cisco Support Community. If I look back, it is a great satisfaction you get knowing you did something like it for a decade. There are 60 individuals who got inducted into the 2023 VIP program under Cisco Support Community, here is the link for the announcement. In addition to CSC, Cisco Learning Network (CLN) also recognizes top contributors to the CLN community. There are 24 individuals inducted into the 2023 program and you can find more details from this link. CSC VIP Program started in 2011 and there are a few individuals (Jonathan SchulenbergLeo LaohooRichard Burts, and Scott Fella) in the program all the time. They are an inspiration for all other VIPs in this community.

I have responded to closer to 7k posts and over 1200 were accepted as a solution. I am not sure how many hours I have spent in the community (I know it is a lot 🙂 ). However satisfaction you get from helping someone else cannot compare to any other form of happiness you get. That satisfaction motivated me to keep giving back and that is the secret of success on this journey and kept me in this VIP community for the past 10 years.

As a CSC VIP, I got a lot of learning opportunities from Cisco. They have given us full free access to Cisco Live Event every year. As a VIP you will be given a free Cisco Certification voucher and subscription for CML (Cisco Modeling Lab). More importantly, you will get the opportunity to meet with like-minded people from all over the world. Having them as friends of yours makes a great difference as you know you have people who can rely on when you need support on a technology you are not an expert in. Here is a picture of when I was inducted into VIP-2014 class. That was my 1st year in the VIP community.

Since then every year, Cisco Support Community treated us special. I am so grateful to Cisco for keeping this program going and allowing us to contribute by sharing our knowledge to help others within this community.

I encourage you to contribute to CSC and become a CSC VIP in the future. You can read about the program from this link. You need to consistently give your contribution and then responding to community posts becomes part of your life. Even though it takes some of your time, satisfaction is immediate by knowing that you helped someone each time.

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