I have passed the CCIE written exam on 30th of August. 99 questions in total & 825 was the passing mark. I have scored 965 and satisfied with the outcome. Reading of all CCNA-CCNP-CCIE quick reference guides paid off.Anyone who is preparing for the written exam I would recommend to read these quick reference guide to refresh the knowledge required to pass this exam.
Now is the real challenging part. preparing for the LAB exam. Since there are not many providers available for CCIEW lab preparation material I have to rely on the below two.
1. IPExpert – CCIE Wireless Self Study Bundle


2. FastLane – CCIE Wireless Workbook V 2.0 (CCIEW-WB)


My company is willing to pay for my training needs and with that blessing I managed to order the above. As IPExpert v2.0 material is not yet ready (only volume 1 of the workbooks is available in v2.0) I have to wait till end of the year to get the full training material from them.

Anyway first few months I have to spend time on learing each concepts (rather doing labs ) I am ok with the available material so far. (yet to receive those work books from each vendor). In the mean time getting ready for config guides  reading (WLC7.0.116.0, WCS, ACS5.2, MSE, etc) by taking printed copy & binding them as a book.

Had a look on the Sydney lab seats availability for Wireless Lab exam in April/May 2013 (tentative date at this stage for me) . Dates are shown up to 30th April 2013 and seats are available in general. So wait few more weeks before lock it down for a lab date in mid May for my first attempt.
Count down clock to start when the date is locked….