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Are you a Cisco Champion ? This is a great initiative of Cisco to recognize individuals for sharing their knowledge expertise and thoughts across their communities and with Cisco. Cisco Champion program started in 2014 and now they are calling for applications to 2020 program. You can apply for it using this direct link.


Program is looking for individuals in 5 main area of  technology

Enterprise Networks
Data Center
Internet of Things

Cisco is looking for active users who are sharing information. It could be via Linkedin or Twitter, Blog Posts, Podcast or even active contribution to support communities. I have been in this program since 2017 and  we had over 260 Cisco Champions in 2019 program. Here is the twitter list for 2019 Cisco Champs.

What are the benefits of becoming a Cisco Champion ?

Enhanced Cisco Live Experience
If you go to Cisco Live as a Cisco Champion, you will get a completely different experience than a normal cisco live user. You will get NOC Tour, WoS – Behind the Scene Tour,  VIP seating for Keynotes, Innovation Forum Access & many more activities exclusive to Cisco Champions

Training Opportunities
This is another great benefit of being a Cisco champions. You will get product briefings prior to public product announcement. So you will get opportunity to give feedback and enhance those products.

Also you can participate in Early Field Trials (EFT) and beta testing, so you can get deeper understanding of product that you like to work with.

Another great benefit is you will get a 1 year subscription to Pluralsight, which has got online training for any technology (not limited to Cisco). I have been greatly benefited from it and using to learn more about newer technology.

Cisco Champion Radio
If you interested in Podcasts, you will be given opportunity to host technical discussions and conduct live interviews during Cisco Live events. Here is the list of all  recorded Cisco Champion Radio podcasts.


Cisco Champion Blogging Club
This is another activity that you will get involve. We had several meetings to provide tips & trick on our social media presence.Also you can get greater audience by sharing your experience through Cisco blogs.

Expand your networking community
You will be added to exclusive Cisco Champions Webex Team Groups. So you can exchange ideas and get help from these talented group of people.

Also whenever you visiting a Cisco office, you have many friends who are part of this Cisco Champions family. I have had great experiences and most of those through this Cisco Champions Program.

Here are some of those moments with Lauren Friedman(Cisco Champions Program Manager) Brett Shore. These individuals are backbone of this program and keep the community engaged and help us to get best experience as Cisco Champions.


If you think you are Cisco Champ, Please apply for 2020 program & be part of this great community.

I have presented about Cisco Champions Program in our December Cisco User Group Melbourne Meetup. Here is the slides of my presentation if anyone interested.