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If you follow my blog for few years, you may already know that I have started practicing Vipassana meditation since 2015. Every year I try to find 10 days and go for a silent meditation retreat. It is time for that in this year and I will be spending next 10 days at Dhamma Boomi– NSW, AU. It is my 5th time going for a 10 day retreat and I am really looking forward to it.

Not sure in your life if you ever try to stay away from everything you do and find a quality time to get connected with yourself (mind & body). In our daily lives we are so busy with what’s going on around us and have no time to look inward to see how we are reacting to those external situations. Whole purpose of this practice is to observe the reality (or be in the present moment) without reacting. It is a skill to develop & I am working on it.

I will give you an update upon my return on 18th Dec.

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I had a quality time at my retreat and now I am back with my family to spend time with them. Vipassana experiences cannot explain in words, you have to experience it yourself to judge it. I encourage everyone of you who is reading this post to give it a try. Find a closes center to you from this link.


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