Here is a short post about 9800 QoS Webinar that I delivered yesterday. Thank you for everyone who joined for it and if any of you missed it, don’t worry, You will able to watch it freely using this link. If you do not have an account with our LMS, you can sign up first and then you can watch the recording.

As you all understand QoS is a broader topic and wireless QoS is no different. In this 1hr session I had to explain 9800 QoS concept and tried my best to cover some basics of wired & WiFi QoS. Presentation cover five basic area as shown below. If you get a chance to watch this webinar, please give us some feedback what you think and what would like to see further on this topic (demonstration of 9800 QoS, Frame level Analysis of some of those, troubleshooting application performance)

My next webinar scheduled on 28th October 3PM CST about 9800 Multicast. You can register for the live webinar using this link.

1. QoS for WLAN Professionals
2. RFC8325 – QoS Mappings
3. AireOS QoS Recommendations
4. 9800 QoS Overview