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In this post I am going to summarize my CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) notes.CWAP-Summary-01

Like any other CWNP exam, this also has 70% passing mark & exam objective is shown as below with their respective weight.

1. 802.11 Physical (PHY) layer Frame Formats(5%)
2. 802.11 MAC layer Frame Formats (20%)
3. 802.11 Operation & Frame Exchange (40%)
4. Spectrum Analysis & Troubleshooting (15%)
5. Protocol Analysis & Troubleshooting (20%)

Here are the details exam objectives with relevant chapter number of the Official CWAP study book. This is the primary resource you have to use for this exam.

802.11 Physical (PHY) layer Frame Formats(5%)
-CH1 (802.11 Overview)
-CH2 (802.11 PHY Layer Format)

802.11 MAC layer Frame Formats (20%)
-CH3 (802.11 MAC Frame Format)

802.11 Operation & Frame Exchange (40%)
-CH4 (Management Frames)
-CH5 (Control Frames)
-CH6 (Data Frames)
-CH7 (Medium Contention)
-CH8 (Power Management)
-CH9 (802.11 Security)
-CH10(802.11n HT Analysis)

Spectrum Analysis & Troubleshooting (15%)
-CH11 (Spectrum Analysis)

Protocol Analysis & Troubleshooting (20%)
-CH12 (Protocol Analyzer Operation)

Here is summary of my blog post related to this certification. Since at the moment of this writing, I have not completed all my CWAP studies, so all blog posts are not completed & linked to this (this page will get updated once those posts get published in near future)

CH1 – 802.11 Overview
802.11 Overview

CH2 – 802.11 PHY Layer Format
PLCP Protocol Data Unit (PPDU)
2.4GHz & 5GHz  Communication

CH3 – 802.11 MAC Frame Format
MAC Header : Frame Control
MAC Header : Addresses
MAC Header : QoS Control
MAC Header : Duration/ID
MAC Header : Sequence Control

CH4 – Management Frames
802.11 Mgmt Frame Types
802.11 Mgmt : Beacon
802.11 Mgmt : Probe Req/Res
802.11 Mgmt : Association Req/Res
802.11 Mgmt : Reassociation Req/Res
802.11 Mgmt : Authentication Frame
– 802.11 Deauthentication & Disassociation
802.11 Mgmt : Action Frames
802.11 Mgmt : Channel Switch Announcement
– 802.11 Mgmt :  Radio Measurement Request & Report
– 802.11 Mgmt :  TPC Request & Report
– 802.11 Mgmt : Admission Control

CH5 – Control Frames
802.11 Control Frame Types
802.11 Ctrl : RTS/CTS
802.11 Block Ack
802.11 Ctrl : PS-Poll
802.11 Protection Mechanism

CH6 – Data Frames
802.11 Data Frame Types
802.11 Data: Frame Aggregation
802.11 Data Frame Address Fields
802.11 Data Frame Fragmentation
802.11 Dynamic Rate Selection

CH7 – Medium Contention
802.11 Medium Contention

CH8 – Power Management
802.11 Power Management

CH9 – 802.11 Security
Open & Shared Key Authentication
Encryption Method -TKIP
Encryption Method -CCMP-AES
RSN Information Element
802.1X EAP Basics
4-Way Handshake
802.11r Key Hierarchy
802.11r FT Assocition
802.11r Over-the-Air FT
802.11r Over-the-DS FT

CH10 – 802.11n HT Analysis
802.11n Introduction
HT Frame Control
HT Capabilities Information Element
HT Operations Information Element

CH11 – Spectrum Analysis
Spectrum Analysis

CH12 – Protocol Analyzer Operation
Protocol Analysis

1. CWAP Official Study Guide
2. IEEE 802.11-2012
3. CWAP Study Notes : WifiNigel
3. CWNE Study Room
4. CWDP & CWAP Forum

Update @ 5th Nov 2014
I passed CWAP exam on my 2nd attempt. It was a very tough exam & you have to have very clear understanding of each of those frame types & functionality of each of them. There will be lots of information to remember.

I hope I have done a reasonable job to make these CWAP blog posts to help you in your CWNP journey as well. Make use of all these material & one day become a TRUE wireless expert by learning these fundamentals. Enjoy your wireless studies.

You can learn more from failure than success, so do no worry about if you could not pass this exam first time🙂 See below, I think I still have learning opportunity in this CWAP.